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Originally Posted by Tom dinning View Post
Probably true, Jerome.
But might we confuse interpretation with judgement?
Understanding is different to appreciation.

I'm not suggesting appreciation or judgement are invalid, just misunderstood and misused.

Would you prefer a viewer to simply like your images or to understand or interpret them?

Would you prefer a viewer to place judgement or create conversation?

Would you prefer a viewer to question your composition or discuss the context?

Would you prefer to know about the camera and setting or the circumstances of an image?

Would you prefer to discuss the photographers life or his images?

One way is simple the other is complex.

One way tells us about the nature of the photograph, the other tells us about the viewer.
I am still not really sure I follow you. In any case, you do not seem to respond when people (me, above) try to create conversation and discuss the context and circumstances of your images. Let me ask again: so you travelled to Italy?
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