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Originally Posted by Peter Dexter View Post
I very much like the concept of the first posted set and the individual images with the exception of the rose shot which doesn't seem to fit. These images could be printed huge and shown in a gallery. There are too many additional images following to comment on.
Hi Pete.
We haven't met. Nice to meet you.

In response you your post:

I don't do 'series' or expect any one image to connect to another. That will only be your expectation. These are rather random shots from a 'series' of some thousands I took over a 2 month holiday in Italy with Christine.

Each shot is a personal statement of who I am and what I see. They require no appraisal, criticism or alteration. They are what they are.

The only 'gallery' they get displayed in is in my own house. You are welcome to visit but the conversation will not be about photographs. Everyone who visits knows they can only comment on the photos on the wall if they also comment on my carpet and the color of my kitchen.

Feel free to comment on anything as long as you don't tell me you like it. I don't care if you do. It's not why I photograph. To me, that's akin to a woman dressing to be raped.

See how easy I am to get on with.

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