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It doesn't matter what you assert as your intention and how much you do not look for or seek comment, only, as far as I am concerned, how your work impacts others here

Same with the woman who claims she is not
inviting attention when she dresses provocatively
and saunters by a line of busy food trucks.

Take this picture.

_DSF3074 by Tom Dinning, on Flickr

It is not a snap, but a studiously composed, disciplined and critically defined composition. It lacks obvious "beauty". There are no human feelings embedded here. Worse it defiantly cuts major elements!

Your unlikely window excludes and isolates, creating a dynamic opposition. All from what is so mundane: a bicycle on the left and a car on the right outside a bland store with harsh angular light.

You cannot, then, realistically ask for the picture not to be "liked", reacted to, torn apart or hoped to be experienced in any of a myriad of ways.

This is no different from one wanting to engage,
follow, smile, photograph or even touch or caress
that woman, as she creates a wave of admiration
and movement, as she works her way through the
crowd with a thin silk fabric allowing her beauty
to radiate and astonish everyone in her path.

You are one annoying and arrogant fellow! However, beneath that baggage, I do like you but I pay a price and it's painful.

At least in the past week, you have generated not a single note to me as folk driven to tears walk away from this forum. For that I am grateful. At last folk are separating your technically and emotionally proficient photography from your socially haughty claimed detachment and disdain!

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