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Originally Posted by Anna Nowakowska View Post
I wonder How to achieve the same effect as Jim Galli with his soft focus lens form medium format cameras in digital photography portrait.
Hi Anna,

It sounds like you are looking for not just a vignetted blur, but also certain characteristics of specific lens rendering. Topaz Labs have a specific plug-in for that, called Lens Effects. It not only allows to choose from a number of presets to get quickly started, it also allows to tweak, create, and save your own presets. That allows a very fast workflow if you want to create multiple images with a similar (your) look.

Topaz Labs usually have discount coupons for the attendees to their Webinars, so check that out if you want to purchase anything. Their upgrades so far have all been free for existing users, also for new enhanced versions, so the investment over time becomes even lower than the already reasonable prices suggest.

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