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Originally Posted by Bart_van_der_Wolf View Post
Hi Asher,

It is not all that difficult to do already. Just make a duplicate layer, select the Filter>Stylize>Find edges filter, and use the quick selection tool to select either the blurry background, or the sharp subject(s), create a mask from the selection, ready.

I feel no no absolute need to subscribe to the perpetual money tap that Adobe's Cloud subscription service is. The recent lock-out (and many others seem to experience issues) for signing in just proves that one needs to have an alternative to not jeopardize one's commercial continuity.


I do so much resent the subscriptions too, but want to just get on with my work with tools I know. So I have Photoshop 5 just in case and CC works for me. I use Capture One for RAW processing and gradually will get used to another "host" such as Apple's Aperture for my Nik, Topaz and ? Alien Skin plugins. But immediately, right now, Photoshop is where I have the most fluidity and then my use of layers is so part of my thought process in the final preparation of images.

I think long term, we need to become comfortable with layers in another system.

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