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Originally Posted by Tom Robbins View Post
I don't care much for the subscription idea myself, but having been a loyal hamster on Photoshop's upgrade wheel for many years, the cost is pretty much a wash.
Hi Tom,

I agree. For those who upgraded each iteration of a 'new' PS version (although I typically upgraded every other version, if it added enough personal workflow benefits), (running-)cost-wise things seem to be awash (although European customers pay an exchange rate premium of (at the time of this posting) 35% (!), despite the tax benefits that Adobe get through their Ireland tax-benefit 'settlement'). I suppose we're assumed to having to run a different hamster wheel for essentially the same downloadable product.

I've got a step by step routine established for the Creative Cloud log in problem. Weird situation, that. A few years from now folks will say, "remember back in 2014 when we had to delete the opm.db file every time we wanted to log into Adobe CC?" Of course, it's also possible they'll say, "remember back in 2014 when Adobe shot itself in the foot with the CC fiasco?"
Thanks for sharing this suggestion. Nevertheless, this is all very uncomfortable, and wrong (from being unnecessary and from a user experience point of view). Besides, it's not only user side issues that prevent the usage of the subscribed product. This is a generic issue with services that depend on internet connectivity. DDOS (distributed denial of services) attacks are unfortunately only part of the issue. Credit Card verification failures are a major source of other issues.

As a (amongst others, besides being a certified Professional Photog source of rapher) former Business Controller, I can only stress the importance of a contingency plan. Always have a plan B, if the continuity of your business depends on it.

If you do what you did, you'll get what you got.
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