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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
8x10 is a standard size for many collections, but, of course a few pictures at 11x14, 16x20 or even 20x24 would be wonderful. The larger pictures allow the exhibit to work at different distances. folk come in close for the 8x10 and can appreciate the larger pictures next to them, just glancing as they enter. So they work together well. If you are hand-making a print and it's in albumin, platinum, sliver gelatin or some other process where you can only work with small sizes, such as 6" x 8", that's fine too. Just the majority would be about 8x10 and we'd like to have a few larger prints too.
For the benefits of people outside of the USA, here are the size equivalents:

8x10": 20x25cm, roughly A4
11x14": 28x36cm, roughly A3
16x20": 40x50cm, roughly A2
20x24": 50x60cm, between A2 and A1 (A1 is about 60x85cm or 23x33").

I now that Asher does not want to discuss printing and matting now, but it is like the elephant in the room: it cannot be ignored. In addition, shipping prints to the other side of the world is expensive.

For digital pictures, the cheapest option would therefore be to send files and have the prints made on the spot. If this is not possible, and for the benefits of members in Europe, I am willing to make an offer. I can print up to A2 on an Epson 3880 and, under certain conditions, up to A1 (actually: 60cm or 24" wide and any length...) on a Canon IPF6350. I can offer to make prints at cost, within reason, and send all of them together to save on shipping. I'll have a choice of various papers, within reason.

I would rather only do it for members within Europe, because I may have to send you a sample (smaller) print for discussion, depending on what you need.

Matting is probably best done by a professional service in the US. It makes no sense to send matts over the Atlantic.

If someone needs a negative scanned, I still have a Nikon coolscan in working order. Just ask.

I won't do analog ("wet") prints, but maybe someone can make an offer...

Basically, what I mean is that quality prints can probably be arranged for everybody. It won't be free, but the cost will be reasonable.
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