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Originally Posted by Nicolas Claris View Post
Hi Bart
It was not so easy at first to determine the 'optimum' moiré on the LCD, but once you've found, the rest is very easy.
I combined the results while shooting with different adjustment settings and open unsharp raw at 100% in CS3.
They did confirm with the same results than your method does :-)

It is very important to do the tests wide open otherwise you get very unconstent results…
Okay, thanks for the feedback. I've noticed that some LCDs are much easier to use for this purpose than others. My LaCie 321 turns into in colored aliasing (because it is very sharp), whereas my laptop shows more modest monochrome dots.

I did mention that the optimal focus plane is very thin, so it requires a slow rotation of the focus ring on the lens. I'll think about it to see if things can be made even more sensitive.

Something that can help is using a different distance. I've built in 2 levels of detail, to accomodate for different distances, maybe a third is needed. Let's see how others react.

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