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Originally Posted by Steve Febbraro View Post
So glad I found this forum, and the information on the micro-adust LCD chart and procedure.

I do have question however..When watching the direction of adjustment, looking down at the lens, does a leftward move mean the lens is backfocusing?
Hi Steve, welcome to OPF.

When you first let the camera autofocus, and then find that you need to focus the lens further away (rotate the lens anti-clockwise as seen from behind the camera) to achieve maximum moiré it means that the camera was front-focusing.

To get a sense of how much you need to adjust, I've used 2 small strips from a post-it note when I didn't have any other barrel markings I could use, and it made things easier. Try and stick one on the rotating focus ring part and one on the fixed part of the barrel, the pieces of paper just touching each other. After you use the AF Microadjustment tool to get perfect focus, draw a thin matching line on both pieces of paper. When you now use AF you'll see how far the rotation is off. Now iteratively change the adjustment setting until AF produces matching lines again. That works quite fast and all you are left with is some tests to see if the AF is consistent, independent of the focus approach direction (starting from closeup or infinity), and at other distances.

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