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Originally Posted by Steve Febbraro View Post
Using the LCD was much easier for me, as my eyes have difficulty picking up the fine nuances of front and back focusing. Using the LCD really made the job so much easier.

Thanks so much for sharing your work.
You're welcome. It is indeed not all that easy to pinpoint the optimal focus setting when shooting a test chart e.g. at a 45 degree angle, including the fact that the DOF is approx. 1/3rd in front and 2/3rd behind the focus plane. Also, angled test charts leave room for variation.

By using moiré to our advantage (for a change), it has become straightforward to find an extremely fine region of optimal focus, no guessing involved, and no need to shoot images and load them on a computer, and shoot some more, and ..., etc.
As you have found, not only is it accurate without room for doubt (moiré is an optical interference that's maximized by sharp lenses and optimal focus), it also saves a lot of time.

I like sharing stuff like that, because it will hopefully stimulate others to share as well. We can only benefit from joining forces.


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