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Originally Posted by Michael Nagel View Post
Guerillia(s)? I see what you did here.


I agree on quite a few things he did, but as far as I remember he refused to be endorsed by organizations etc.
Public mourning can make use of the publicity of the mourned for own goals - the one mourned cannot respond.
This is why I keep my thoughts for myself - as a sign of respect.


You guys are alert and don't let me slip anything, even this subtle by you! Yes, I took poetic license, after all, not so long ago, Mike Tyson, too, bit off his opponents ear to help vanquish his opponent!

War allows one to go berserk and blame the circumstances!

I have much respect for Ali's life as a leader promoting the underdog. I honor his bravery in rescuing one individual from likely suicide. But that doesn't alter my aversion to making a boxer into some exemplary fellow for our entire civilization, as the press and TV stations would have us think.

Homage to any sportsman is fine entertainment, but to one who eliminates his opponents by knocking them senseless is uncivilized and to me, at least distasteful!

I have a simple view, ordinary mothers that talk and sing to their children are perhaps among the greatest heroes in the planet and fathers who come home to assist in child care are a close second.

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