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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
I really appreciated the opportunity to meet you. You're a fine gentleman! I have been intrigued by your camera discipline - one camera Leica Monochrom and one lens, the Summilux 50 ASPH! The idea of one lens-one camera fits in well with my background, as that's all I used for decades. Only with the move from the Pentax Spotmatic to a Canon Eos system did I get other lenses and then it was just two, the 50mm 1.4 and the 300mm 2.8L original with no IS!

The great advantage of one-lens-one camera is that it becomes an extension of one's body with the advantage that framing expectations are always met.

Your little black Leica weighs at least double my A7R but the results of working without Bayer interpolation are simply fabulous. Unlike, the Canon and Sony cameras, there seems to be little to no reserve in Raw processing of highlights. It's WYSWYG in the first look at the file in ACR CC 2014. Could be that Capture One might get more out of it. Still, the tone dread is fabulous. Looking forward to more Leica DNG files to play with!

Thanks for cutting out time for me. Your visit is a highlight for me of 2014!

Hi Asher

It was great to have this visit and thanks for the nice complement! My system is a simple system without the distractions. It does have its advantages but also some liabilities considering it is a rangefinder with a single focus patch in the middle. The camera body does not have anything like auto focus or focus peaking. An inexpensive Sony 6000 has such advantageous features and many users of these cameras do use Leica glass on Sony cameras making it a nice combination. Color photography is a much more involved process especially if one is a PC user and requires much more time to do well.

Best, regards
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