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Originally Posted by Rachel McLain View Post
Hey, nice to see what Asher looks like! And lucky James to get to hang out with him!

I wish I had more photographers around here who were willing to crawl through the grass with me, but alas most are landscape photogs and they look at me like I'm nuts. (Plus they frequently tell me I can't shoot macros the way I do--which amuses me greatly.)

Great shot!


I'd crawl through the undergrowth with you, for sure! Folk are stunned when I shoot from the ground to get the view I want and can't understand why I don't give a whit about my pants and shirt getting muddy.

I assume you have, like Mike Spinak, an affinity for locating things like wild plants and flowers, so there would be something worth all the effort! He used to walk through the forrest barefooot until he got bitten and developed Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and could have died if not for the picture of the rash on OPF and us realizing he was on the wrong antibiotic, LOL. He had 2 days to live, so there was enough time for the rescue antibiotic to kick in! Some safety tips for nature photography here

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