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Hi, Ted,

Originally Posted by Ted Cousins View Post
On another Forum, someone has uses the phrase ".dng profile" which, to me, implies that a ".dng" file is not a "digital negative" but is somehow an alternative to a ".icc", "icm" or a ".dcp".

To make it worse, I just read on an x-Rite page how their Color Passport app can output a "DNG profile" (notice the caps and no leading period).

All a bit confusing, any simple clarification available?
I don't know nearly as much about this as I would like to, but as I understand it a DNG profile is a collection of data characterizing the camera (I guess from a colorimetric basis) that is used somehow in connection with the DNG format. As I understand it, this profile can be embedded in a DNG file (*.DNG) proper or can be held in a separate *.DCP file.

I suspect that the locution ".dng profie" is ill-advised.

I guess I should try and learn more about this.

Best regards,

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