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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
The profile is a correction curve that one gets from taking a picture in a particular light with a selected lens and camera using a version of the Gretag Macbeth color card that is included in a handy plastic snap open case.

The Xrite software works only with the RAW file from your camera converted to DNG. The pattern of the color chart is automatically recognized and the adjustment curve is generated so that when applied in a RAW processor, it corrects the color cast of lighting outside of "neutral" 5,000 degree Kelvin daylight. (I think that's the reference).

In Photoshop Adobe Camera Raw I choose the appropriate camera-lens profile for that shoot and any color cast will be removed. (This "Passport" tool doesn't make any chromatic aberration, distortion or vignetting corrections).
My title was probably confusing, Asher. Wasn't looking for "Profiles 101", but thanks for the effort, anyway. My only concern was the actual phrase and it looks like a so-called ".dng profile", with the leading period, doesn't exist.

Being perhaps an odd man out, I don't have X-rite software, only an old 'mini-card, and don't use Adobe at all.

RawTherapee is my main editor.

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