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Default Retrograde capture of peak moment before you press the shutter button!

Today, DPReview has a video by Vincent Laforet on the 8K "Red Weapon".

At first glance one would think in a time of ever capable cell phones and fabulous Mirrorless cameras that the "Lambergini" class camera series used by Nature videographer-photographers, RED, is of little relevence to those of us who need to scrimp and save just for one new lens.

Here is my reaction:


You've infected us a new meme, like "exposing to the right", "pixel peeping" and "peak moment" of an event, and this is "shooting back in time" to capture that unexpected and fleeting moment. Red needs to invest little of its massive computing technology and flash memory reserves to have a 60 second buffer from continuously recording as 60 frames per second in 8K. This means when a whale breeches with a porpoise in its jaws, one can go back in in time for 60 seconds and choose from 3,600 RAW images at 36MP for the "retrospective peak moment"

This is a real game changer for sports, wedding and nature photography.

Is it possible that one could upload firmware into any current Canon, Sony or Fuji, Panasonic or Olympus Mirrorless camera and do that too, but for a shorter period of retrograde time?

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