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Originally Posted by John_Nevill View Post
Panasonic unveils developments of a new sensor that fires bracketed exposures at1.5ms intervals to help boost dynamic range.

For more info take a look at here

Although in its infancy and currently working at a sensor size of only 177x144px, this has to be a significant leap forward in HDR capture. Just one press of the shutter could produce 3 overlayed exposures which are combined and processed in-camera. This could see the end to blown highlights and improved shadow detail.

The limiting factor of current HDR techniques is the need to stick to relatively static subjects, due to the timing between manual frames, perhaps this technique could eradicate it.

Hello reality! This work is beautiful. About time marketing and engineers started to think about what we need instead of packing more pixels. Of course this is the correct strategy in principal but the perhaps wrong path. CMOS sensors can be made so that each pixel is independently controlled like a single cell camera. Pixels can easily be shut off in at the rate of 1/150,000 sec. Other pixels can be collecting photons as long as possible.

Companies like Texas instruments are likely to be putting such ideas into mass produced Kodak and HP $300 cameras since the market scale is so massive. Grandma with her little digicam will take pictures that span bright sky and water to a toddler in the shade of a beach chair.

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