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Originally Posted by Reginald Johnson View Post
A naive question: since it is illuminated with UV, am I right in assuming that the second picture (UV image) is the fluorescent pattern of the petals as recorded on a visible-light sensitive sensor?

These pictures, besides being a real treat to humans like me, are also very intriguing to think that nature evolves its colour schemes with definite aims. Thank you for sharing such beautiful images.
Thank you, glad you like my work!

No, fluorescent UV imaging is inducing visible light be using UV as a stimulus. My work is REFLECTED UV, i.e. invisible UV light is being photographed (2nd image) using a modified camera but the colors you see are false colors (like NASA uses for their imaging). The simulated Bee and butterfly imaging uses UV + visible light, but also is partly false color imaging, as colors are mapped into our (limited) human color range.
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