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Originally Posted by Antonio Correia View Post
You are right Asher. Profit justifies everything.

I always associate luxury items with good taste. Here it is not the case.
If I would have - ever - received one of these cameras I would range it deep in the cupboard so no one would see it.

I would take it out to show to my boss.
I would be embarrassed to old such a thing in public.

Exactly, Antonio! If I owned a clean ordinary Leica body, I'd cover up the red dot! I do not like to advertise what I have. That's the advantage of the Ricoh GR, no one thinks it's significant.

But at a movie star's pool party, it would look tres chic with a
shoulder bag from Hermes! No one's really interested in anything,
just to be seen, noticed and perhaps contacted for the next show!

And to the profit motive, if you are willing to follow me further in this musing:

But profit is an efficient tool. What liberal democratic societies with bustling economies try to do is to encourage entrepreneurs to stay up late at night to devise schemes to generate jobs and profit and then tax the company in the morning. In a socialist system, only the diehard kind, public-spirited and bright engineers and sales folk will do the same. But in the socialist model, one generates a layer of technocrats who have built up loyal relationships and family favoritism and no one suffers loss of job because of failure to deliver product at a competitive price.

Theres' no doubt that capitalism easily becomes ruthless and evil, but, in the free market, with adequate transparency and a free press, we get to discover what solution, exploitation and greed they are abusing society with. Then we can correct the beasts. They never can be totally tamed as they will always try to beat the system to maximize profit.

Brilliant ideas are actually very common. Few are capable of acting on their genius and inventiveness. That's where capitalism and the engine of greed works so well. however, it's always a Faustian bargain and fraught with risk. Still, in a reward-driven society, new ideas will be tested and developed. Among scientists, it's not the hope of financial reward but more of the self satisfaction, pride and status of unravelling natures mysteries of practical challenges that dives us. If that could also work in producing the supplies, food and goods we need, we could shut down capitalism and profit motives as our Western civilization's model of functioning.

However, no one has found a way of getting ordinary citizens do their very best, long term, just for self esteem and status. It can work for one generation of enthusiastic part cadres, but then, once institutionalized, unless there are already abundant resources and sufficient trained manpower, the society will stagnate.

So we are stuck with a stinking system that degrades out planet!

Still, bring a team of entrepreneurs to any sunny accessible place with wonderful seafood and within ten years there will be a wonderful resort and local production of food, water skis, boats and more to make the area flourish.

Socialists generally don't have the flair to bring a place to life like this and become self-sustaining. however, without the plan being sound and sustainable no investors would support this and the project, however delightful would never get off the ground. A socialist government could readily divert it's limited cash to finance the scheme, but without going through the risky and arduous gauntlet of getting financed on the free market, any such diversion of funds would be a tragic mistake of monumental proportions.

So, when I see that overpriced Leica adorned by those obviously noticed
colors, I think, ,"Some executive's teenager is going to get a plastic
camouflage/rain cover for that fine camera and then have a lot of fun!

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