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Originally Posted by Doug Kerr View Post
Hi, Asher,

Just what does that mean in this context?

I might conjecture that, in parallel to the unfortunate locution "100% crop", it means a pixel-for-pixel rendering on the display screen from the sensor. But of course there are a number of other possible interpretations.

Originally Posted by Doug Kerr View Post

Yes, I can well understand that sort of pleasure. It is a "lovely thing".


It's like first looking at a wonderful lady and then holding her in your arms and you knowing it was meant to be. When I held the new Hasselblad, it was like a friend I had missed that finally returned to me.

I cannot imagine that Hasselblad will have any issues fully exploiting the already proven Sony 50 MP CMOS sensor, (loved by so many Pentax, Leica, Phase One users), in this lightweight "rangefinder form" body.

As an extra detail- rich platform, (rock solid and vibrationless) for posed, even hand-held, bridal shots or board meetings, this a lightweight, non demanding addition to a pro photographers bag. For me, an artist and enthusiast, it is just the tool I would love.

Just need to get over extreme ordinary expenses of making a giant sculpture and then we will see!

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