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Hi Nicolas,

As you recognize we divert a little on whether or not itís kosher to edit someone else's photographs. However, I should as one word: "unless". Unless?

Unless there's a good enjoyable reason! :)

1. Steve wants to see how much possibilities there are digitally with his files. He's a long time Leica film shooter, new to digital just 5 weeks or so!

2. We all want to see how robust the files are to creative work.

3. We can get an idea of the quality of the lens-sensor combo to see how it affects resolution, contrast dynamic range and more.

4. It gives an opportunity for folks considering an M8 to look at files without personal cost.

5. It helps me understand more about siblings variants possible from the original artists vision.

As you know, I postulate there's an arc of intent in Art. Art is a form made to put one's vision in something that someone else can experience and reinvoke that vision, emotions, ideas, and significance.

There's an arc of intent: Vision, work then experiencing the art by the artist or someone else.

So the new photographer is both experiencing the joy of Steve's work and the fun of making one's own vision as if one was there, (but shooting say from a hotel window where one cannot move around).

So that is why we do this!

This is consensual sex!

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