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Originally Posted by Doug Kerr View Post
I have just become aware that there is such a thing as a lossy compression DNG file, which is smaller than the regular DNG file.

Using the Adobe DNG Converter on a CR2 file output by my Canon Powershot G16, where the CR2 file has a size of 14.6 MB, the regular DNG file has a size of 14.1 MB, and the lossy compression DNG file a size of 7.1 MB.

I have no idea how much of a compromise in the quality of the ultimately developed image might be encountered with the use of the lossy compression DNG file (or how we could even know).

The choice to use the lossy compression format for DNG files is found in the Preferences panel of the Adobe DNG Converter (accessible by pressing the Change Preferences button on the main page).

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Another quandary. I have the same suspicions when the snotty nosed, pimple faced teenager delivers the pizza. Did he add something and will it ultimately alter my experience?
The choice is simple: I don't buy pizza, nor do I use dng converter. It seems to be another step in the chain that could be tampered with.
Or am I just paranoid? After all, the said teenager is an ex student and I might have unfairly judged him.
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