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Hi folks
thanks for the good words, they all go directly to the heart!

Georg: the most difficult shooting? the next one! (no kidding)

Cem: So glad to see you here! Welcome back on board!

Kathy: any good wine, even from California, Australia, Chile, South Africa, Italy, Spain will do!

To answer some of your questions, below is the official release that we have posted on our website yesterday:

Nicolas Claris will shoot photographs for Sinar (22/02/2008 à 13:57)

Sinar has decided to establish close relationships with Nicolas Claris and asked him to capture speed, motion, emotion, energy and movements with their new MF camera Hy6.

Sinar will use Nicolas Claris’ yacht images as main theme for their upcoming advertising campaign to illustrate the new capacities of this brand new digital combo (with the Sinarback eMotion 75 LV - 33 million pixels and Sinar lenses from 50 to 180 mm). This particular back is said to be the fastest camera in its class.

This decision was made between Sinar and Nicolas Claris, after live tests have been held these last weeks in the Caribbean waters and in Spain.

Beside providing even better quality images to our clients, we’ll highlight within our website our work with Sinar Hy6 system, which will include much more than yacht pictures but also some subjects showing, in the same vein as yachts, movement and aerial forms…

This is exciting for us at Claris. We´re quite proud that Sinar (one of the world leaders in their field) have recognized both our artistic and technical skills to offer such opportunity. Believe us for now, for those who has never seen an eMotion Sinar back file, the image quality is incredibly beautiful… You will shortly see examples of the work on our website.

The new Sinar "combo" will be an exciting tool to make our images show our clients at their best. Some splendid assignments are already being targeted. This opportunity is generating a new phase in our work. The Sinar relationship will enhance this, adding a new level of picture quality and exceptional look. We’re already planning an exhibition in Bordeaux at the end of 2008”

Our new slogan "claris image builder" gets truer than ever!
Please do no repost my images elsewhere than OPF without my permission.
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