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Originally Posted by George Holroyd View Post
This is another orphaned photo (of a back-lit advertising poster) that I think would work well printed in large scale. I do not have an A4 print of this one so, I'm open to ideas on sizing and printing. However, this has to be considered a tentative submission due to the fact that there is additional cost involved.

Theme: Signs
Medium: To be determined

When I see the picture, I would like to print it relatively big, at least A3. But the actual size would need to be determined from the type of grain you have in the full resolution file. From personal experience, digitally added grain needs to be tuned down considerably for big prints or it looks ugly. Post an enlarged crop if you want an educated opinion. Or if you have the picture with no added grain, the right type could be added for the print.

For the medium I would use some kind of "baryta" paper, which is a bit glossy, but not one with too much structure. This kind of picture will not work on matte paper, the blacks will not be dense enough and structured papers do not work well with grain. I would also use the duotone function of photoshop to give it a hint of warmness (try the burgundy 3 duotone if you have PS).

You keep complaining about costs. I know that prints on fine art paper are expensive, especially when you have them done in Paris. My paper and ink costs for a similar print in A3 size would be about 4 (plus shipping: 350). The catch is that I already own the printer and don't charge for my time (and so will only do it for this or similar projects). Please check message #14 in that thread.
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