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Originally Posted by Adrian Wareham View Post
Actually, they both look MUCH better before being uploaded. Photobucket compresses the files to something MUCH smaller than before (further reducing the dynamic range). Most of my friends, when seeing originals, think I was using an HDR program. lol

If you look at the dynamic range of the 60D relative to other cameras (dpreview has the data) while the 60D (and 7D, T2i/T3i/T4i) sensor/processor combo may reach its maximum white levels a little quickly, it does very well with deep blacks.

Photobucket (or facebook, etc etc), on the other hand, does not. lol


p.s. I also just personally prefer, when it comes to landscape, photos which are as close to reality as I can make them. Not sure why. Maybe I just have poor taste. lol Anyway ...

Since we need to select images for ultimate printing, please send me these files directly to using if the files are larger than 20 MB as I can't judge them as shown with the extra compression.


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