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Originally Posted by Antonio Correia View Post
Thank you Asher for implementing the work of others with your own.
But here I have a little issue. My prints are supposed to be framed. This is the reason why they have a small margin between the end of the image itself and the end of the paper on each side and top, exception made to the bottom part because of text.
Under this basis the table I have posted before is perfectly valid with however, some small adjustments.

But, if the paper is to be directly applied on Dibond the dimensions shown are incorrect. Why ? Because I want all my images to be placed inside it's support (the Dibond) with certain visual related proportions.
I would say that if photographs are to be applied on Dibond or similar then they are restricted to A5, A4 and A3+ sizes.
In fact, for financial reasons I would - if I may - opt for the Dibond solution. Under this assumption, the measures of the images as stated in the grid I posted before, are incorrect. I will have to establish the image size (printed area) and visually evaluate the impact of this decision experimenting and testing before final work is sent.
Other points I am concerned about are the investment I would have - if selected - to make. Money is very expensive these days, you know...
And for how much could one image - from an unknown photographer across the pond - could be sold ?

Here I show you three very different presentations. I do not like neither of them although the last one is near the acceptable presentation. However, certain variations will be visible as the relative proportions of the paper are different when using the A3+ as this paper format is not an A native.

Thank you for your attention and concern !

But, after reading this post over and over, I decided to show you what I think would look like a final presentation on an A3+ less 2mm all around for Dibond cutting adjustments.
The black canvas is just to pop the final work on the light area of the forum.
Some minutes later
Trying to suit the image bellow to the A3+ I came to the conclusion that this format will have to be cut more than 2mm. Oh well, I am being very picky am I not ?
Presentation IS very important !


You would only have to pay for the wall space you needed. So imagine that you would have say 4 foot wide space, (48" or 120 cm), that would not be a big expense.

I am thinking of having a white border - an inch all the way around my prints and 1.5" on the bottom to contain my signature. Even on Dibond, but I have to try it first!

There is no problem framing your pictures here with the black frame of your choosing. We can get them from Aaron Brothers. I will ask Will Thompson's friendly framer if we can get a group rate.

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