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Thanks for the conversion and good suggestions. Your help is much appreciated.

Note that all the space between the sides of the pictures and between one photographer and the next will be provided at no cost to those showing their work. We'll space them out well. Furthermore, A3 size can show well 3 rows in a "24" wide space. If one is a little over, that's O.K. , we're flexible.

Also, one should consider simply mounting prints on board or Dibond and purchasers have the option of getting it framed. We'll have a framer lined up. That cuts down the cost built in to selling a print considerably and some buyers prefer that modern look.

I will get pricing for local painting, (your signature in the print, one file for each numbered copy of that series that you offer) and/mounting of signed prints on Dibond or board. We'll provide a standardized option for printing and mounting so that you can just send either the signed prints or the files with your signature and series number embedded in the picture to appear on the bottom of the print.

The cost of hanging the prints on the wall is covered in the price of the booth. I have enough storage for a giant truck of art!

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