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Default Suggestion / Strategy

If any of the exposed/hanged image is sold on day one, how do one sell the same or others if they are not available on location, in PILA ?

Perhaps everyone should send more 5 of each image for example.

But, to broad/open the possibly of selling and at the same time, allow “humble” people to have access to our fine art photography, we would expend our offer in this way:

I expose 8 images.
I should send ASAP (I learned this acronym last week) of each exposed image, so they would be available on location, the following prints:
5 prints A3+
10 prints A4
15 prints A5
15 Folios A5

A4 is a little less than half A3+ in size
A Folio is a small pack with all the images exposed similar to the one shown bellow. Sorry for the bad quality of the images.
Folios can be bought in US but at the moment I can’t find the place.
Here you can have a look at some available at my favourit publication.

I can't afford to go to LA but I can afford to print and send more images. ASAP LOL

All the best to you !
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