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Originally Posted by Doug Kerr View Post
Hi, Asher,

Oh, I see now what you mean:

Photo from dpreview

Seems as if the body dimensions are 150 mm 98 mm 71 mm (5.92" 3.86" 2.81"). Depending of course on the lens in place, I guess that could go in a "jacket pocket". (I know that was just a metaphor.)

And the sensor dimensions seem to be 44 mm 33 mm.


It's enough to make one want to shout "MF!"

Best regards,

Weighing in at just 1.6lb, touch screen for focus and a top flash synch of 1/2000 Sec makes this an exceptionally proficient pro class camera - assuming the lenses and Sony sensor function as well as when located in a Leica, Pentax, Leaf or Phase One cameras!

I am impressed, at least on the physical design and exceptional specs!

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