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This photo helps show the size of the new machine's body:

Photo from dpreview

We of course do not know whether the hands shown are of "average" size or Trumpian.

We see again here clearly that the native sensor orientation is "landscape". The sensor size could be described, under one repugnant convention, as "ten thirds". (On my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000, the sensor is considered to be of size "three thirds")

The main "mode" dial, seen here on our left, is shown "extended". It can be pushed down into its well when we do not need to fiddle with it. Another push makes it re-emerge.

It seems to have both front and rear control wheels, the counting of which is an obsession with some aficionados.

The shutter release is orange so as to impress your friends who do not read Swedish.

The mount looks very Canonesque. Perhaps it is similar to other Hasselblad mounts - I have not been paying attention to such.

Here we see the back view:

Photo from dpreview

The screen, said to be "3-inch" in size, has touch control. It looks as if the iconography on the touch screen is bold and easy to read/poke. Here is a sample screen shot:

Photo from dpreview

The flash shoe is said to follow the Nikon interface, which is supported by a wide range of flash units from different suppliers.

The neck/hand strap lugs are lovely - in the classic style.

This looks like a machine that even an enfeebled old guy like moi could conveniently carry, at least with a modest-length lens onboard (I think it is smaller than my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000).

But the funds that could be devoted to its acquisition have been committed to a remodeling of Carla's kitchen. This will probably have significantly more leverage upon the work to be presented here.

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