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Originally Posted by Antonio Correia View Post
Thank you all for the comments.
When I started this walk, other people - perhaps 5 - were doing the same. I wanted to make something different. Just for fun ! :) I kept looking up most of the time...

The freedom to examine our cities from novel viewpoints allows creative folk like you to show us something of ourselves that we never imagined.

Since you are so adept in taking detail portraits of the denizens of Setubal, each with intense personal truth and built in social bonds, it's a huge and surprising jump to have, as you offer us here, a skeletonized view of society with just the shapes of the silhouettes of houses but no life, pose or expressions from which to infer the life therein!

This picture has gone even further. Here we are stripped of even the scattered signs of our romance with telecommunications. The wires and antennae are now gone.

We are now down to the bare minimum.

When I stroll through your next exhibition, I will at least have the knowledge of the piers and boats of Setubal, your wonderful home and great cooking and warmth.

Others will be at a loss unless you also show both your portraits, the artisans in workshops and the fellow's rolling the bread.

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