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METAmachine has done very well for us. In fact it's become HindSight's most successful product. Thanks for asking - and sorry that I apparently missed your post in June.

Captions, keywords, branding and licensing are all important aspects of protecting and marketing images which is (I believe) a large reason for METAmachine's success. It handles all of them in a straightforward and easy to apply manner by writing them into images as metadata. It's a handy sidekick to Lightroom.

In a nutshell, metadata is a collection of text descriptions written as a part of the image file. In Photoshop we find it as File Info, Lightroom shows it as metadata. The nice thing is that as the image is moved around, the metadata goes with it much like a caption label on a slide.

And, just as a label could be peeled or a slide remounted, metadata can be replaced or removed. Some software does it when an image is re-saved, others do it when someone deliberately chooses to replace or remove it. There is currently no known way to prevent that so watermarks are still a good final line of defense.

The overall point though is to provide well intended users the ability to find images, determine infomration about them and how to contact you as necessary. Deliberate removal and use amounts to a wilfull infringement.

The photo below, that I posted in August, is a good example. As search engines evolve, more and more of them will find and catalogue images like this since I did all the work to caption and keyword it, using METAmachine's four language thesaurus. Open it in Photoshop or other up-to-date software and it shows a full set of metadata.

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