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Originally Posted by Dawid Loubser View Post
Hi Mike,

The RB67 makes a splendid street camera in my opinion. I know this sounds crazy, because it's a tank, but (apart from the rather loud "ker-schlunk" when you actually press the shutter) it's quite discrete, people generally don't have a clue what it is, and it's a very vibration-free camera, I can hand-hold it to slower shutter speeds than any other camera I've used before. It must be the weight, combined with the leaf shutter. Anyway, it's a lovely cantankerous old thing.

These are some images I finished printing this week-end, all of them hand-held snapshots, i.e. using it in the guise of a "street" camera, even though they were not taken on "the street" per se.

(RB67, 50mm at f/4.5, 1/8s hand-held, 8x10in analogue print)

(RB67, 140mm at f/4.5, 8x10in analogue print)

(RB67, 250mm at f/4.5, 8x10in analogue print)
That's really great to know. I also love using the RB67
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