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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
But In a fraction of the time you spent arguing against this report, you could have at least got through 1/2 of it! But if you don't have the patience, I accept that! Not everyone can be bothered to read technical papers about stuff that doesn't effect them. You are not at fault there.

That's fine by itself. Trump doesn't read things either.

But then you both have no business rejecting this report, until you, (or your minions, if you have them), do find the time to read it, at least once!

You're a bit late to raise the subject, I'm afraid. Routinely, it's practically all converted to methane for fuel; but the mayor follows you and admits you really earned it, sorry!


I did not know that the state of California had a Mayor? I am surprised that you solved your raw sewage problem so quickly."At present, in Southern California, our swimmers get exposed to raw sewage with risks of severe consequences" this is what you told me only a few week ago in another thread. You also mentioned this "We have problems on our beaches from the overflow discharge of raw sewage along the Pacific Coast. How does Canada deal with this health threat?"

""A group of prominent US climate experts have told a Congressional committee hearing that climate science is dysfunctional, beset by bias and groupthink, and is using a profoundly unscientific approach. Speaking before the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, Professor John Christy told representatives that “consensus science”, as practiced by much of mainstream climatology, was “not science” at all, while Professor Judith Curry explained that “self-deception” had got the better of far too many climatologists"