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Default Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Finally there is a newer version of 5D.

US: $ 2,699 (cheap??)


So, full-frame cameras are really showing up this year: after Nikon's D90 (with video capabilities), Nikon D700, and Sony's A900, Canon has revealed the EOS 5D MarkII.

The EOS5D MkII features a new 21Mpixels sensor (!) but, most interestingly to me, true 1080p HD movie recording in H.264 format! Now this makes much more sense than the 720p MotionJPEG format currently supported by Nikon D90. eh?

t the moment, the video cameras use small sensors (yes, even the cool Canon ones that you see on TV) and if you want real depth of field control, you need to add an adaptator for larger lenses that you screw in front of the lens, such as the Mini35 system.

This makes the system really heavy, much like having two cameras to carry on. And this is quite expensive too. Actually, I think that the adapter is more expensive than Canon's 5D MkII.
Of course, a SLR won't replace a regular movie camera! Sound recording will be crappy too. BUT it provides a way to record small movies that really look like film.
we need to see how this video look and if there's full control of exposure (or at least, exposure locking) during video recording.


i found it very interesting to share... i was really into Nikon D700 after the tests...and i'm waiting the tests on this baby

samples can be found in Canon Japan (sorry...i cants advertise other websites....some kind of rules!).

tell me what do you think.....i'm just here to share info

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