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Originally Posted by Mike Bailey View Post

Thanks for posting all the info on this very interesting device, which of course really got a lot of publicity after that 220-shot G10 shot by Bergman of the U.S. inauguration. A very mundane question since it doesn't seem to be shown on their web site on in the PDF manual: where did the device ship from? The company sounds like a strange amalgam of some college educators/researchers, Google, and others.

The Gigapan is able to do well in the daytime with relatively stationary crowds. In the inauguration, the people were packed tightly and the photographer's on their platforms weren't going to move! The light was not extreme. So given a few minutes for each full pano, it would be easy to keep going until at least one pano was magical. One just would need a decent supply of batteries and SD cards. Furthermore, any frame of one set can be swapped with that of another set if the tripod is not moved.

What Bergman did was wonderful. That demonstrates the major advances of photograpy with simple devices available in the hands of those with imagination.

The guys in Carnegie Mellon University did at least some of the stitching from the Mars rovers! So they thought, why not use this technology to make the planet known to us? So they have built this little robot, the Gigapan Epic and its bigger versions to come, to allow anyone with a small camera to make magnificent detail rich images of every point of interest around the globe. Any set of pictures reach a particular size can be uploaded to the Gigapan pano site. The images are connected to Google maps so this has become an unbelievable rich project.

They formed a company to handle this and the devices are shipped from Portland Oregon.

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