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Hi, Ben,

Originally Posted by Ben Rubinstein View Post
I don't get it. Compact camera users want to shoot and upload, preferably within the minute. They're not going to sit around fixing the focus point on each image when the race is on to upload to facebook and tag before your friends. Don't believe me? Ask your teenage daughters... :-)
Fortunately this has not yet (I hope) become the "universal" paradigm of photography, even with "compact" cameras (and there is nothing about the plenoptic camera concept that seems to confine it to "compact" cameras).
(I put "compact" in quotes partly to remind us that when full-frame 35-mm cameras first came into general use, and for quite a while after, they were described as "miniature" cameras!)
I was quite startled the other day when the news editor and general events reporter/photographer for our local daily paper showed up (by appointment) at the house to do a photo story on me (precipitated by my wearing my formal kilt outfit to a recent civic event). She brandished a bubble-gum colored compact camera, and, seeing my startled look, said, "Yeah, the battery door is broken on the camera the paper has for me" (tuned out to be an EOS 10D).

The shot ran very large (almost full page, in color), and looked lovely.

The next week I doubled her at the reception to honor the paper's new publisher. She had the 10D in hand. I told her, "I am so gratified that we don't see the battery door held shut on your 10D with duct tape. Scotch tape, yes."

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