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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
The laws against discrimination also concern positive discrimination... Besides, the story is not only about discrimination but includes "The Labor Department's lawsuit also claimed that B&H Foto subjected its hired workers to harassment on a routine basis, and that it gave them 'unequal access to restroom facilities."

Furthermore, I notice that $3.2 million is a lot of money. I had not realised that B&H was such a large company.


Imagine the Amish hiring Hispanics or Native Americans to work in their furniture factories and businesses. They wouldn't necessarily mix with the workers they gave jobs to. They might also think how noble they are giving work to others. It is simply cultural!

The B&H folk are really a religious sect and their job is to support their own stringent way of life and their own customs. They lack the insight of "moral wrong" in having their recruited Jewish workers, as managers, (likely connected by "arranged marriages", from using the workers toilets.

This by the way is, BTW, in the USA businesses. Every place I have worked with my steel sculpture fabrication, management class has separate toilets and lunchroom from the "floor workers". Again, management is often recruited from family and friends! Here the management class is mostly white Protestant and the "workers", Hispanic-catholic!

So, from an agnostic "God's view", (or our PC Federal Government), this is unacceptable discrimination and morally unjustified. So, the massively successful B&H will have to get with it and fast!

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