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Originally Posted by Asher Kelman View Post
Still, B&H is one of the most honest, ethical and wonderful companies in the USA.....just partly locked in the 17th Century, as if it was some Catholic monastery with monks working and praying all day to celebrate God's wonders without the distraction of women or the opinions of free thinkers!
So you are OK with (citation from the previously linked text, emphasis added by me):
  • B&H promoted and compensated its Hispanic workers at a significantly lower rate than comparable white workers, leading to lower pay, fewer opportunities to advance and a near-total exclusion of Hispanic workers from higher level clerical, managerial and supervisory positions. Hispanic employees were also subjected to racist remarks, degrading comments and harassment at the worksite.

What about reading what's written without adding folklore? What you describe might be an explanation but not an excuse as you seem to color it!

I frankly don't care whatever the reason might be as it cannot diminish the result.

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