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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post
It is quite simple, really. People often believe that some subset of humanity has special abilities (like the hispanics having "familly values" - your words), which is actually racist in itself. Then, they want to use that particular abilities but keep the gravy to themselves and the members of their particular clan.

The USA as well as many countries found the practice to be inherently wrong and edicted laws against it. In the case of B&H, the laws were applied.

If saying Hispanics have family values is racist, then I must be racis!.

I stand by my love of Hispanics and I do this the more loudly because our President insults them at every turn and the folk he empowers think they are better than them. Not true. These are very special people. Folk do have characteristics that are especially noticeable, beyond the fact the most people of all origins are good and kind.

My experience with fabrication houses and factories, (limited to those working in metals, glass and powder coating), is that Hispanics are perhaps the most reliable workforce here. Now, of course one has to then follow that statement with questions about evidence of any exploitation. Is there adequate health coverage and do they have a pension plan? Are they given the overtime they earned? Are they sent home when the work is slow without any minimal sustainance wage?

But right of the bat, it is a fact that Hispanics are unusually friendly, helpful and yes, they have family values. The men do not spend their pay check on booze, but go home to their family every day. (Is that racist too? Doubtless it is, but I am hardly qualified in PC codes of language.

Other folk in California, might work for a week, and having enough money, not turn up again, especially if the surf is up or the snow pack is great.

For white Americans, those from the East coast have apparantly somewhat less tendency to "not come in" when the weather is perfect. I have one friend, running a large software company, who will not hire any person who was brought up West of the Mississippi. They are spoiled with the skiing and surfing and apparently tend to be more unrelaible showing up to work.

So, I am still racist I guess!

I am also a white patriot, I support the USA constitution (and the Napolionic idea of the universal rights of man and a person of worth, no matter the background), plus I am patriotic and white!

But I have no time for flags!

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