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" So what we are seeing is just what happens to be true right now,"

I note, Asher, that you didn't use 'fact' in place of truth.
And you being a scientist and all.
This sort of thinking perpetuates discrimination by presenting a disadvantage to all those who don't fit within your thinking framework.

The sooner people eliminate the group mentality from their thinking the better.

Here are some possibilities for you to think on. Maybe you can tell me which ones are OK to employ people under.

Australians are a rough, uncouth lot who drink a great deal.
People from Beverley Hills are rich, privileged white Americans and are highly educated.
Indigenous Australians can't be trusted to turn up to work. They are all alcoholics with no motivation.
The Chinese students in Australia are really smart and run successful businesses.
Never trust a lawyer.
Gays make great hair dressers.
Men are better drivers than women.
Women are too weak to be on the frontline of a war.
Hispanics make great servants but not good as personal assistants.

If a thousand applicants applied for a gardening job at your house, on what criteria would you make your choice? If you make your choice based on any group concept you are biassed.

I don't really care who you or B&H employ and what their criteria are as long as they know what their biasses are and admit to them, not hide behind a pretence of being 'true' right now.