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Tom, I talk of what happens and I am an observer, asking what to me is reasonable. I don't believe in "equal opportunity" except in having food, shelter, medicine, the right to privacy and standing before the law.

We don't demand electronics buy equally from all chip manufacturers or suppliers! We don't demand that basketball teams have a certain percent of Asian or female players. That wouldn't make sense. The management hires the talent that fits best with their perceived interests and way of working. That is capitalism, competitive with rewards to the families of the fittest, for every niche of opportunity.

I didn't say it was fair, just that it makes sense and is internally consistent with the needs of the highly competitive market.

I believe I have a right to give preference in my own home and enterprise to my own friends and family. Now when a business gets massive, society rightly steps in an assumes a right to objective fairness. I don't argue with that. I resent, however massive fines, as in this case, that expense will simply hurt everyone else!

Now back to pictures! Thread Closed! 🐝

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