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Default I Can, and why I do it

The following, I have lifted from another posting by Georg, I wanted it to stand alone, engraved on the front of every camera bag, or wherever. I think it beautifully summarizes why so many folk are trying, that sometimes, nothing else matters - so here it is. This also replaces Georg Baumann's original post which appears to have been accidentally lost.

Georg Baumann wrote:

Is it art?

I have no idea, and I don't care, I am just a guy with a camera who spends all the time I can outdoors. I shoot instinctively, I do not normally plan shootings, I walk.

I walk long hours, sometimes I come home after a 8 hours with a single picture only, and even this may end up in the trash. Sometimes I walk for 30 minutes and come back with 20 pictures. I am a walker. I often forget the camera around my neck. LOL I often intend to go out and shoot pictures, and simply forgot that I have a camera with me. Nature draws me in it's magic appearance all around here, I am the happiest chap when I can be outside and walk for hours, not a single soul that I meet. No noise other than the animals and the wind around me, no cars, no humans with their constant chatter, like a flock of geese it sounds to me in the cities. Hehehe.

Because I have to deal with business sides, I spend long hours on the phone and the computer, it drains me, sucks me dry often. When I am out and about, it takes 2 hours or so, and all that stuff falls of my shoulders and I am where I feel content the most, outdoors, open spaces, the sky above me, the wind in my face.

We strive to go to Mars and beyond, and the fascinating that is, it is all here, all around us, the magic of creation, in the little things and the big things, the grashalms and the mountains, it is all here.

It is magic to be alive!

My heart is pumping like crazy, I climbed that bloody steep dune right up to the ridge, sweat purs down my forhead, the sand is as deep as fresh and powdery snow in the alps, the backpack cuts deep into my shoulders, finally I am up there, I sit down and grin like a child. A seagull landsw 10 feet away from me and seems not to be bothered about my presence. No ships on the horizon, the ocean is calm today, a gentle breeze dries the sweat in my face. I wish I could share this moment with the whole world....

I think....if one of these days I succeed to bring a little of that magic to people with my photographs, I think by then I will call myself a photographer....

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