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Default "Res ipsa Loquitur" (The thing speaks for itself)

"But is it art"

My comment was after my description of a photograph coming alive with movement, creatures and sounds of the water, I thought gave the answer to the rhetorical question.

Of course it is art!

The fact that someone is Ireland walked away from his imperatives of commerce to find the beauty of the shoreline and then had the impulse or thought to make a picture, is the start of "art", which must externalize something from our mind.

That photograph works well to re-invoke some of that "moment of being there" is evidence, to me at least, of art. That ability to transcend time and place and donate to the world a small portion of one's inner experience is indeed art.

Art? Surely it's a creative externalization of one person's inner senses. It's embedded in something physical. The artist's creative intent, engraved in a physical medium, moves through time and space. It lives beyond the artist for him and us to re-experience. We react with a flurry of emotions and thoughts in unique combinations. That loan of the artists imagination and creative expression gives us pleasure and some satisfaction that we have looked through the artist's eyes and listened though his ears and walked with him for a short while in his special world. His art work asks us different questions of itself and ourselves depending on our own journeys and destinations.

So again, "Is it Art?"

"Res ipsa Loquitur" (The thing speaks for itself)

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