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Excellent contributions, all of them. Jerome, Ben, Michael and Jake and looking forward to George and Chris's sets too.

8x10 is a standard size for many collections, but, of course a few pictures at 11x14, 16x20 or even 20x24 would be wonderful. The larger pictures allow the exhibit to work at different distances. folk come in close for the 8x10 and can appreciate the larger pictures next to them, just glancing as they enter. So they work together well. If you are hand-making a print and it's in albumin, platinum, sliver gelatin or some other process where you can only work with small sizes, such as 6" x 8", that's fine too. Just the majority would be about 8x10 and we'd like to have a few larger prints too.

We'll treasure all submissions starting with classic wet plates and pinhole all the way to large prints with archival pigments or dyes. If your work is already printed and matted, just say what size you've done it in! We don't want folk at this stage to spend money. Pictures can be printed by any process that satisfies you that the ideas you wish to export from your mind into the substrate you choose. If the picture evokes, at least, those ideas and sentiments you'd imagined, then your work is complete for us!

This work could have been done anytime, as long as it's by you. If you also printed it with your controls, then let us know, but we probably won't declare that, except for classic processes, just would love to know who can not only take great pictures and also has resources themselves, these days, to print them too. It's respectable to have an expert printer help you, so don't feel that we'd consider anyone doing that in a separate class. It's the photograph, delivered, that counts!

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Our purpose is getting to an impressive photograph. So we encourage browsing and then feedback. Consider a link to your galleries annotated, C&C welcomed. Images posted within OPF are assumed to be for Comment & Critique, unless otherwise designated.
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