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Originally Posted by Mark Hampton View Post
Well - the app has been updated on a regular basis and issues with crashing were ironed out.

this is the list of features from the website.


Main features include:

Focus points and area
Zoom area and control
Luminosity and RGB histograms
Grid and aspbyect ratio overlays
Display filters
Auto focus
Manual focus
Remote manual focus
3-speed focus adjustments
Normal capture
Bulb capture (hold as well as timed)
Continuous capture
Video recording
Mirror Lockup support
Image review
CR2 support
Luminosity and RGB histograms
EXIF display
Exposure blinking
Follow shot mode
HDR capture
Manual: Shutter speed based
Av/Tv: Exposure compensation based (range differs per DSLR)

Adjustable settings include:

Shutter speed
Exposure compensation
Exposure bracketing
Flash compensation
ISO speed
Auto focus mode
Focus and zoom area
Picture style
Drive mode
White balance
Color temperature
Auto-lighting optimizer
Metering mode

Display filters include:

Peaking (four modes)
Contrast (four modes)
Channel mask (four modes)
Grayscale (four modes)

Note that available features and settings depend on the current camera mode (M, Av, Tv, ...) !

so I am getting the 10.1 tablet - will update on my thoughts after I have used this - but tbh working with a touch screen is the way forward.

Hi Mark,

This is probably the best app I've ever bought, notwithstanding the beta version of the Helicon Focus app, which is a very close second right now. I've bought the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 a month ago just to run this app and it has delivered fully. The paradigm of shooting tethered out in the field (especially for a still life, landscape or architecture photographer such as I) has thus been changed forever.

The bugs are being ironed out constantly and the HDR bracketing which is functional since this week was what I've been waiting for. I can now setup exposure bracketing of up to 45 brackets, fully customisable when shooting in M mode. I can't begin to express how happy I am with this bracketing. My only other option was to buy a dedicated remote controller which would cost almost as much as the tablet. With this setup, I can do not only bracketing but also all sorts of things such as composing and focusing using a 10 inch live view and not having to be physically behind the camera while doing so. Also, focus bracketing will become an option although Helicon Focus is the better app for that purpose. I can go on for ages, that's how enthusiastic I am .

Does anyone want to see some pictures of how this works?
Kind Regards, Cem

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