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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post

Now Jerome, I am orientated. Thanks for confirming what I suspected. Just wanted to be sure before I commented.

Somehow I imagined I was before a 3 meter high, boldly engaging print. The massive array of steel moved into the concrete. The stones lay above, a combination of strata of modern man and geological time.

To me this work seems to reference your interest in layers of culture as in the abandoned town occupied by young people, who lived, labored, argued and loved there for a while, before it was empty again and wiped off the map - a forgotten event in the remolding of the earth's crust!

Could be that you've been influenced by other art like this, but I do not, as yet, recall any similarly layered strata of such building elements, assembled as you have done here. It's solidly effective, and, (without explanation, except the symbol, "3"), allows the viewer's mind to bring to your work, ideas more weighted to the observer than to a curator's introduction of it.

I am enriched by this art, as it pushes boundaries for and opens new areas of contemplation and possibilities!

Thanks for sharing,


Typed and corrected, despite "Siri" sneaking her own opinions in - Hermes!
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