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Originally Posted by Ken Tanaka View Post
I am now even more confused. A photographic project results in a body of work, not a single image.

You cannot, as a 3d party, define others' projects.

If you're genuinely keen on providing a project-oriented discussion section why not just create a "Project Cafe", or some other clearly-titled and specifically-missioned section? (And drop, or re-task, "RiskIt".)

While I agree with you about the project oriented discussion, I believe that it is a difficulty level above the "Creative 101" photography student and I've also seen too many so, so, filler shots in professional project presentations. I believe that we have two separate subjects; producing a single master (relative to the individuals own efforts) work and where applicable, producing multiple master works in a cohesive, meaningful collection. Depending on the level of experience and talent, each subject can present a daunting challenge for those willing to "walk the walk". The question is whether, or not, the Forum has the where-with-all to provide consistent, qualified, assistance for all that want to run the gauntlet. I'm not suggesting that the present team leading and monitoring the Forum are not qualified, but I wonder about that tedious burden longer term. I also wonder whether multiple responders of unknown talent might do more harm than good.
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