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Originally Posted by Ken Tanaka View Post
You make keen points, Rod, when you wrote:

But planning realistically we're not going to have someone working on a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship grant project in progress asking what we think, eh. But I think there might be an opportunity here to provide a place to encourage amateurs to undertake photographic projects by offering constructive discussions involving others who have undertaken, are are involved in, such projects. To that end, "critiques" would not be the principal mode of discourse. Rather, in a perfect world I would encourage discussions to focus on gathering seed ideas, production ideas, perhaps guidance toward resources, and other such support.

For example, someone might be working on creating a body of images of a particular style of architecture and might solicit location suggestions. Someone else might solicit opinions on a set of so-far images for their project. And so on.

Maybe such discussions are far too advanced for a public photo chat site. But it just seems like it may be worth considering, even if it ultimately leads to deadsville by year-end.

Were getting on the right track. The photographer's mind must contain some idea that's to big to fit in the brain and needs be put in physical form, in a technical way that powers the idea and builds a form that can have a life of it's own and evoke in the photographer and others a cascade of consequences, some known and some unexpected, It Must start with that imperative of creativity that can consume us until we put the ideas into some medium and finally forge an image to be shared. Guggenheim, or not!

We'll can think on this more and draft how it might be done.

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