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Originally Posted by Jerome Marot View Post

Cajones means drawers. It is also a kind of wooden box to sit on and use as a drum.

To come back to the D800: 36 Mpix is not such a big deal as the Internet frenzy would make one believe. In actual use and print, the difference with 24 Mpix is tiny.

People do not realize that the difference in linear resolution (what counts to the eye) vary like the square root of the percentage increase. If one doubles the number of pixels, linear resolution increases 40% (square root of 2).To be make an obvious difference, one has to quadruple the number of pixels: the difference between 6 and 24 Mpix is indeed obvious, between 12 and 24 less so.

36 is 50% more pixels than 24, or an increase in linear resolution of 22%. Good to take, but nothing to be mad about.

But it may make a difference for people shooting for stock (e.g. Yuri Arcurs...), since resolution is asked for in their business (and they will probably get the version without AA filter).
What that 22% more pixels means in practice is that one can project an image 22% wider on a wall and still get ~ the same sense of sharpness viewed from the same distance. So it allows a larger version of that image viewed under the same conditions.

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